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Tech Sisters networking event at sTARTUp Hub
01 March 2018
On the last day of February, Tech Sisters’ Tartu community gathered in a cozy environment at the sTARTUp Hub. This time, three amazing ladies shared their stories about entering the startup world.
Tech Sisters at Fortumo
26 January 2018
On January 25th, Tech Sisters Tartu fourth networking event and the first one in 2018 took place in Fortumo. This time we focused a bit more on programming, experiences and cooperation. In addition, our speakers also shared some tips&tricks.
Tech Sisters hosted by Spark Hub
22 November 2017
On November 21st, Tech Sisters’ Tartu third networking event took place in Spark Hub. We were glad to welcome around 50 participants (including many new ladies and one guy!) and for the first time in Tartu events, we held the panel discussion with four sparkling women!
Tech Sisters Beyond Borders #amsterdam
15 October 2017
September was a very important month for Tech Sisters, because we went beyond borders! We reached out to find a team of people in the Netherlands who are trying to reach similar goals of getting more women excited about technology and IT. Continue reading to find out how did it go for Riin Kont-Kontson, our Tech Sister.
Tech Sisters hosted by Playtech Estonia
10 October 2017
This autumn Tech Sisters was hosted by Playtech Estonia OÜ in Tartu, one of the biggest IT companies in Estonia. The main organizer from Tech Sisters’ side was Kristi Tammet, also an employee of Playtech.
Tech Sisters is the national winner of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2017
15 May 2017
Tech Sisters is among the two winners of the national competition of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2017 and will be representing Estonia in the pan-European contest in the category of “Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit”.
Tech Sisters Hosted by Helmes
16 February 2017
Our second networking event of the year, and our second panel discussion (ever!) took place at the beginning of February. This time we visited our good friends at Helmes to peek behind the curtain at their offices and take a deep dive into the work of analysts.
Linda Liukas children’s book for programming
25 September 2016
Last September 13, the publishing house Hea Lugu, Telia and Tech Sisters presented the children’s book “Tere, Ruby! Programmeerimisseiklused” (“Hello, Ruby! Programming adventures). Liukas is a computer programmer and children’s book writer who got interested in creating websites at a very young age. This book is a playful and fantastic way to introduce young children into the world of computer programming.
Tech Role Models: The story of Ahti Heinla
25 September 2016
If you are versed in the IT world of Estonia, you’ve probably heard the name of Ahti Heinla. In case you have not, he is known for being a co-founder and Chief Technical Architect of Skype and Kazaa, he has also worked at another number of startups. Today he is the CEO and CTO of Starship, a company developing small self-driving robotic delivery vehicles.What you probably haven’t heard is how Ahti got started into programming, but most importantly, who inspired him to do so. Ahti has shared this precious story with us at Tech Sisters, and you won’t be surprised to know why we were so excited to read it and share it with you. Wait no more and read it in his own words:
Tech Sisters at Big Bank
11 November 2015
Last month, on October 29 Tech Sisters had the pleasure of network at Bigbank offices in Tallinn.As usual, we had three inspiring people sharing their stories with us. or those who couldn’t make it here’s are some highlights of the evening.
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